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Moroso's engineers work very closely with our customers to develop the exact specifications for the ignition wire required for their applications. Our raw material suppliers are capable of blending compounds to meet any quality level or even any color that is required and we regularly produce wire featuring our customer's logos for their private label applications. We currently produce and deliver ignition wire for not only customers in the United States but in the Far East, Europe, Central and South America.

Moroso Wire Technologies' continuous vulcanization extruding line is the backbone of our operation. We are constantly pursuing newly developed safeguards to provide more finite control of the CV process in order to provide consistent repeatability and ensure the highest possible quality of our products. In addition, we have extensive cable cutting and termination equipment to produce virtually any ignition wire assembly that might be required. Our continuous research and development allows us to keep abreast of the newest hardware and application designs in order to keep our offerings current.

The Moroso name has always carried a reputation for the highest quality products. We carry this forward with our entry into the primary manufacture of ignition wire at our Philadelphia facility. Each and every wire produced is fully tested to ensure secure termination, electrical continuity and dielectric strength. Additionally, all wire is tested regularly under laboratory conditions to ensure consistency in energy transfer and electro-magnetic interference suppression. Continuous testing that may seem extreme to other manufacturers is standard procedure for Moroso.