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Moroso Performance Products has been furnishing the automotive and marine aftermarket with the finest Ignition Wire available in the world for over two decades.

Moroso's famous "Blue Max" 8mm and "Super Max" 11mm Spiral Core Ignition Wire specifications were conceived and designed by Moroso engineers using the latest technology and finest materials obtainable. When manufacturers completed the extrusion process, Moroso Ignition Wire had achieved unsurpassed energy transmission, electro-magnetic interference suppression and dielectric strength.

The wire has been used successfully on every type of vehicle from common Street vehicles to Top Fuel Dragsters and Nascar Nextel Cup Stock Cars.

Toward the end of 1999, company President Rick Moroso finalized a decision to become a prime manufacturer of ignition wire. "This was done not only to ensure that our famous "Blue Max" wire would continue to be produced to the quality standards that it always had been manufactured with, but also would allow Moroso to bring ignition wire itself to the next level". With this in mind, Moroso Performance Products, Inc. acquired the assets of High Energy Industries in Philadelphia and Moroso Wire Technologies was born.

State-of-the-art technology and manufacturing methods have already been proven worthy with the release of our Ultra 40 Race Wire. This is now the premier race-only wire available in the world.

Besides producing specialty racing wire, the Moroso Wire Technologies group in Philadelphia produces it's own branded OEM replacement ignition wire. It is available in three different quality levels and sold internationally as MWT Mag-Tune, Super-Tune and Econo-Tune Ignition Wire Sets. Moroso Wire Technologies is capable of producing ignition wire of virtually unlimited constructions. Designs range from the most basic single pass, low cost center conductor wire used in various export markets, to the complicated triple pass, double braided, spiral wound, center core design we use with our "Super Max" 11mm wire.